Daily Topic for October 13, 2007

"Give me this hill country..."

Praise God for Caleb! The seasoned warrior of the army of God was not ready to retire, even though he was 85 years old. “I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out (45 years earlier); I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.” What a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Praise God today for those who see “retirement” as the opportunity to pitch in full-time, helping somehow to penetrate the final frontiers of the gospel. These enthusiastic older soldiers of the cross bring a mature, and greatly needed, perspective to the battle. Pray that God will give us an army of wholehearted Calebs.

Pray that they will use their latter years as a time to help bring the peoples of the earth to acknowledge the Lordship of Christ.

Shi’ite Muslim Dawoodi Bohras of India and Pakistan

When Saifee joined the ranks of a man, he pledged absolute loyalty to the head of his Dawoodi Muslim sect. Under this supreme leader, the da’i, lower level leaders receive and give similar pledges. This obedience to those in authority forms the foundation of the Dawoodi Bohras. Since Saifee made that pledge, he has repeated it every year. Now in his 50s, he continues pledging unconditional obedience to his da’i.

Is he a poor man who has no choice? No! He owns a business of trading and shipping merchandise. One of his sons is a doctor; another a computer technician; and his youngest will run the family business. Each son in turn has made, and continues to make, the same pledge.

Clearly, the key to bringing Christ to the Dawoodis lies in reaching the da’i, the absolute head of this Shi’ite Muslim sect. Can the God of the universe reveal himself to the da’i?

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Pray that Jesus will visit the leaders of the Dawoodis and reveal Himself as the only way to God, and the One that all should follow. Pray that the da’i will read God’s Word, and embrace the Savior. Pray that believers in India and Pakistan will show the Spirit of Christ in their interactions with the Dawoodis.-EF

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