Daily Topic for October 12, 2007

Josh. 13:1
"When Joshua was old and well advanced in years, the Lord said to him, 'You are very old, and there are still very large areas of land to be taken over'"

On the one hand, Joshua could have responded to this observation with discouragement. He had fought so long, and yet there was still so much to do. But God wanted the next generation of the Hebrew nation to participate in the excitement of His miracles. They too needed to be tested and to prove themselves faithful. Likewise, the recognition that some 10,000 peoples are without a church community can appear discouraging. But the job is “do-able” for those willing to serve the purpose of God in their own generation.

Savior, we trust You to do great wonders among the nations!

Memons of India and Pakistan

It’s a rare thing when a new country is born. Rarer still does one ethnic group get credit for the country’s existence. Pakistan was born in 1947, and the Memons forged its survival.

The Memons are business people-traders, shippers, importers and exporters. For centuries they thrived economically while other Muslim groups struggled. As Pakistan grew in stability, the Memons expanded their trades. Several built international empires.

Centuries before independence, the Memons practiced charity and social involvement. Wherever they migrate, they establish social and welfare committees. Any member of their group can ask for help, making sure that they don’t face dire poverty like many of the other Islamic groups of south Asia.

But turmoil in Pakistan has caused the Memons to feel unwanted. Yusuf Haroon, a leading Memon said, “Memons are finished in Pakistan.” Still, in spite of repeated political maneuvers to destroy their power, the Memons rise like a phoenix. But many have shifted their centers of activity to other countries. For example, they are prominent in India, especially the city of Mumbai.

In their international trade, they meet Christ’s followers. Will those believers show the Spirit of Christ? Will this socially exclusive ethnic group welcome friendships with believers?

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Pray that followers of Christ, involved in international business, will demonstrate God’s priorities of love, humility, justice and mercy. Pray that Memon businessmen will encounter revelations of Jesus and turn to Him.-EF

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