Daily Topic for October 09, 2007

Josh. 6:2-5
"See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men. March around the city once for six days. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times.... Have all the people give a loud shout"

This certainly seemed like a strange formula for victory. But God’s promise was based on His knowledge that all the earth is His. God didn’t always use such an unusual approach in giving Israel victory over the peoples of Canaan. Usually the men would simply go to the battlefield and fight. But the victory was always the Lord’s. So it is when we take the gospel to the peoples of the world. Sometimes God will move in unusual ways to bring sinners to repentance and believing faith. At other times His messengers must work for years and even decades before seeing fruit from their labors. But the victory is always the Lord’s.

Lord, help us to recognize Your hand at work. Give us the patience to persevere with hope in evangelizing unreached peoples.

Tamil Muslims in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, India

Anish’s belly roared. The hungry lion lives inside him every day. As four-year olds do, he ran with boys his age, but only for a little while. Malnutrition and disease from living in an overcrowded refugee camp in Sri Lanka limits his strength, and soon he must return to the thatched hut and lay his head in his mother’s lap. She is exhausted from walking miles to find fresh water because the camp’s water is salty. These Tamils are victims of 24 years of ethnic cleansing and political upheaval of which they had no part.

The Tamils are a language group located primarily in southern India and northeastern Sri Lanka. Ninety percent are Hindu, and Muslims and Christians represent most of the other 10 percent equally. Thousands have left bombed out homes and murderous Tamil rebels to escape to desolate refugee camps in Sri Lanka with no work, scarce food and dire health conditions.

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Pray that children like Anish, whose name means “Born without a Master,” will find the Master, Jesus Christ. Pray that Christians, (Tamil and others) will reach out with the love of Christ with commodities, friendship, street plays, films and other culturally appropriate venues, and that both physical and spiritual death will be averted.-PE

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