Daily Topic for October 06, 2007

Josh. 4:23-24
"For the Lord your God dried up the Jordan...that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord your God"

God’s miracles are always “pointers.” In this case, stones were piled up on the banks of the Jordan River as a reminder to the nation of Israel-and to the world-of God’s miracle. God preserved the nation by allowing them to cross over the river on dry ground. To what did the miracle itself point? To the powerful hand of the Lord. For whom was the miracle intended? For all the peoples of the earth! The miracles God does for His people are not solely for their benefit.

Heavenly Father, it is good for us to remember all the special things You have done for us. Make our lives examples of Your grace, goodness, and love for all nations.

Muslim Rohingayas in Bangladesh and Myanmar

Barbed wire separated the cluster of buildings from the rest of the village in Bangladesh. The thousands of people in the refugee camp wondered when they would be able to mingle with the rest of the village. Were they not Muslims like the local Bengalis who lived freely on the other side of the fence? Some of the refugees, who called themselves Rohingayas, wanted to go home to neighboring Myanmar, even though they would face oppression from the Burmese Buddhists. 

The Rohingayas are a people group without a nation to call home. They are considered foreigners in Myanmar by the Buddhist Burmese, who hate all Muslims. They are also considered foreigners by the Muslim Bengalis in Bangladesh, who lock them up in refugee camps. Bangladesh is a poor country with an exploding population, and the government doesn’t want more mouths to feed. Some Rohingayas had been sent back to Myanmar against their will, only to be sent fleeing back into Bangladesh by a new wave of violent oppression by Myanmar’s military regime.

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Ask God to prepare a place of refuge for the Rohingayas of Bangladesh. Pray that God would open the door for Christian relief workers to present the gospel to this people group, and also to meet their physical needs. Ask God to end the oppression in Myanmar that drives the Rohingayas to flee to Bangladesh.-WK

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