Daily Topic for October 05, 2007

Josh. 4:5-6
"Each of you is to take up a stone...to serve as a sign among you"

As the people of Israel moved through Canaan in obedience to God’s will, the landscape became littered with unusual piles of rocks. They were left here and there by the people of God as memorials to God’s special deliverance or provision in times of need. Today God is creating new kinds of memorials - not piles of rocks, but “living stones,” people who know Jesus Christ and are banded together in congregations of His Church throughout the world. Every new congregation that is established should further encourage us to reach out to the final frontiers where no church exists.

Dear God, use us to raise up thousands of new churches-“living memorials”-to Your power and greatness among unreached people groups around the world.

Nilkari People of Bangladesh

Along the banks of the river, the Nilkari fisherman brought his boatload of fish to shore, and frowned when he saw only one buyer. The fisherman knew that the various fish markets, located in the villages of the Nilkari homeland, had carved out territories. The fisherman knew there would only be one buyer for his fish. He would have to sell to him regardless of the price he was offered.

The Nilkaris are a minority people group in Bangladesh. They are primarily fishermen. This people group lives in poverty because Bengali fish merchants have formed territorial monopolies to keep the price of fish low by limiting competition. The merchants know that fish spoil quickly and therefore must be sold fast. The Nilkari fishermen often have only one choice when it comes to selling fish. 

In terms of religion, the Nilkari see Islam as their only choice. This people group doesn’t know that Jesus, the fisher of men, is the One who can save their souls.

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Ask God to send community development workers to the Nilkari people. Such people can free this people group from economic and spiritual poverty. Pray that God would break the hold Islam has on this people group, so that they will know that they have the choice to follow Christ.-WK

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