Daily Topic for October 01, 2007

Josh. 1:2
"Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River"

What fearsome words: “Moses is dead.” Moses was the man through whom God had done great and mighty works in Egypt and in the wilderness. Joshua, to whom God spoke these words, had been simply an assistant. Today, our generation stands in awe of the missionary giants of previous eras. William Carey, Hudson Taylor, Cameron Townsend, and Donald McGavran are no longer walking among us. Nevertheless, God’s challenge to us today rings as clear and sure as this word to Joshua centuries ago: “Now you, and all these people, get ready to move.” Thus the torch of responsibility passes from generation to generation.

Wonderful Lord, we hear and heed Your call. Thank You for those who have gone before us.

Sipahi Kasbati People

Like most Englishmen, William Carey grew up a nominal member of a local church. “I wanted something,” he said, “but had no idea that nothing but an entire change of heart could do me good.” When he was 18, he decided to actively seek a dynamic relationship with Christ. To this end, young Carey left his church, and with a few older Christians, he formed a “congregational” church.

A New Testament commentary Carey borrowed contained passages in Greek, and with this commentary and the help of a friend he learned Greek. His linguistic gifts were greatly used as he submitted them to God. Mainly self-educated, William Carey devoured any reading material he could get his hands on. A book about Captain Cook’s Pacific explorations especially intrigued him. For the first time, Carey became aware of the unevangelized world.

It was an innocent little meeting of Particular Baptist pastors in Central England in 1792. Yet out of that gathering came events that rocked the foundations of church history. The custom was for each of these pastors to suggest a topic for discussion at the following meeting. William Carey’s topic suggestion was a bombshell: “whether the command given to the Apostles, to ‘teach all nations’ (Matthew 28:18-20) was not obligatory on all succeeding ministers to the end of the world….”-AL (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray that today, believers will ask honest questions that will lead to greater obedience to the Lord.

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