Daily Topic for September 30, 2007

Deut. 30:15
"See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction."

God had finally brought Israel back to the land promised to them in His covenant with Abraham centuries earlier. In his farewell speech, Moses made explicit the nature of the choices then available to the nation-obey God and enjoy life, or reject His command and experience destruction. The Old Testament records the result of the tragic choices Israel made. Instead of becoming heralds, they became hoarders of the knowledge and worship of Jehovah. They chose how they wanted to obey the Lord, instead of obeying everything He said.

May we, O God, understand the clear choice before us. Use us to bless the nations, especially the remaining Muslim, Hindu, tribal, and Buddhist peoples who are still without a clear understanding of Jesus Christ.

Hindu Ulladan People

What do you find in an interior jungle? Exotic wild animals perhaps, as well as beautiful green vegetation one might otherwise never see. 

If one were to travel to the interior of the southern Indian state of Kerala, one might find some of the Ulladan people. They originally came from the interior forests and still live in areas encompassed by forests. In the 1970s, many Ulladans received new lands as a result of the land reforms implemented by the Indian government. Their lives are similar to those of the gypsies in other areas of India. They maintain their well being by hunting and fishing. Their standard of living is low, and their education system is backward. Both liquor consumption and smoking are very common among them.

As part of their daily lives, the Ulladans offer their prayers in Hindu temples. They also practice witchcraft. Very few of them believe in any life after death. Among the 19,000 Ulladans, fewer than 200 are known to be Evangelical. There has been no active church planting activity among them for the past two years.

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Pray that church planters will be raised up among the small population of Ulladan believers. Pray that Christian workers will be sent to the Ulladans. Pray that when the Ulladan people see the glory of God’s creation in their green homeland, that they will give praise to Him alone.-JR

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