Daily Topic for September 28, 2007

Deut. 1:26
"But you were unwilling to go up; you rebelled against the command of the Lord your God."

Forty years later, once again Israel stood on the far side of the Jordan, looking across to the land God had promised to their fathers. Moses, one of only three survivors of that earlier group, urged the younger generation to obey the Lord and to trust Him to be faithful to His promise. God had been unable to give their fathers many good things because of their rebellion. But are we more obedient? Or do we fear that if we wholeheartedly obey the Great Commission God will demand too much of us? Are we afraid that He will not take care of us if we “recklessly” give our money, resources, and children to fulfill His command?

Oh, Lord, help us to understand Your loving heart for all kinds of people. We want to trust all we are and have to Your care and Your purposes.

Kanikkar People of south India

“The bride was blindfolded and brought before the bridegroom.” (Philipose Vaidyar, writer)

In a traditional Kanikkar wedding, the village elder acts as a marriage broker. Upon engagement, the bride is blindfolded. She will not see her groom until she meets him in his house, when the blindfold is removed. This custom is dying as younger people move to towns and cities, where they are influenced by Hindu customs.

There are some 20,000 Kanikkars in Kerala and Tamil Nadu states in south India. Their name means “landlord.” They live near or in forests where they are engaged in agriculture, fishing and hunting. Most are poor. Recently they have begun to move to towns and government settlement schemes.

Kanikkar religion is varied. Some elderly are monotheists. Animistic Kannikars sacrifice to stream gods. Youths in towns and cities are embracing Hinduism, evidence that they are open to religious change. Still less than one percent are Christian. The Bible is available in south Indian languages that some of them speak: Malayalam, Tamil, and Telegu.

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Pray for effective evangelism and church planting. Pray also that Satan’s blindfold will be removed, and that the Kanikkar believers will want to honor their groom, Jesus Christ, by introducing Him to their unbelieving relatives and friends.-TP

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