Daily Topic for September 27, 2007

Num. 25:1-2
"...the men began to indulge in sexual immorality with Moabite women who invited them to the sacrifices of their gods."

Failure to faithfully share our spiritual blessings results in spiritual stagnation and decline, leading to outright failure. Whenever the Church has stopped reaching out to share the Good News with other cultures, it has started accepting the ungodly mindset of the world around it, and decay and perversion have resulted. Today many of our churches fear an “over-emphasis” on missions, because they think it may result in fewer resources for local ministry. But actually, when we faithfully pray, give and go with the blessing of the gospel to other peoples, God deepens our holiness and enriches and expands our local ministry.

Father, we want to be obedient to the Great Commission, and we want our local churches to grow. Give us the faith to believe that as we pray and obey, You will bless us in return.

Mina (MEE-na) People of Rajasthan

According to a Southern Baptist missionary who visited a Mina village in Rajasthan, northwestern India, the farmer with whom he spoke was friendly and willing to talk-even to a foreigner. This missionary reported that the farmer seemed “not as concerned about his Hindu gods as he was about his crops, and his survival.”

Once considered a nomadic, warlike people who bred animals and were known for lawlessness, today most Minas are farmers. Rain is crucial for the Minas who depend on agriculture for a living.

The Mina people have retained a distinctive identity and are believed to be a mixture of more than one tribe. Anthropologists have speculated that they pre-date the ancient Aryan and Dravidian inhabitants in the region. The Minas claim they descended from the Kshatrya kings who were the traditional rulers of Rajasthan. 

Because the Indian government considers them tribal people, mostly as a result of their aboriginal status, the Mina people receive privileges such as reserved places in government, universities and civil service. However, ignorance, illiteracy and lack of access to medical facilities keep the Minas fighting off sicknesses. Many of their women die during child birth, and it is much too common for Mina people to die from tuberculosis.

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Pray that Christian workers would be called to care for the physical and spiritual needs of the Mina people. Pray that they would learn about the living water that only Jesus Christ supplies.-PS

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