Daily Topic for September 26, 2007

Num. 14:20-23
"The Lord replied, 'Nevertheless, as surely as I live and as surely as the glory of the Lord fills the whole earth...not one of them will ever see the land I promised on oath to their forefathers.'"

Time and time again, the Lord makes it abundantly clear that He is the God of all creation, and that He desires for all peoples to come to the knowledge of Him. God had a missionary mandate for the nation of Israel, but they most often neglected that responsibility, choosing instead the path of selfishness and sin. They were supposed to spread the Good News of God’s love and redemption through the coming Messiah throughout “all the earth.” The same is true for God’s people today! God wants His glory to be spread to all nations!

Father, You have shown us Your glory many times. We pray that You will use us to manifest it to all the peoples of the earth.

-Jaunsari people

“Run! This is where the ghosts live.” The Jaunsari children ran for their village, hearts beating wildly. They had been taught that ghosts and demons haunt the nearby river. They have never heard about Jesus and the peace He offers. Only portions of Scripture are in their language. They have no JESUS Film, no gospel broadcasts and no missionaries. They need people who care enough to share the gospel with them.

Though the Jaunsari people are Hindu, they are not as strict as some Hindu groups. For example, they occasionally eat meat. They have only three castes: farmers, landowners and Brahmins. Most are farmers. Villages are strewn around farmlands near rivers or springs. Animals roam freely on the ground floor of their stone houses, while extended family members enter and exit through ornate doors on the upper floors. They treat their children well, and often breast-feed until children are two or three years old.

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Pray that God will loose the Jaunsari people from the deception and fear that has ruled them for generations. Pray that God will speak to the Jaunsari people through His children, His Word, through radio broadcasts, the JESUS Film, and gospel cassettes. Ask God to raise up intercessors who will faithfully pray for these unreached people. Pray for qualified linguists to complete translation of the Bible into the Jaunsari tongue.-AK

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