Daily Topic for September 25, 2007

Num. 14:11-25
"The Lord said to Moses, 'How long will these people treat Me with contempt? How long will they refuse to believe in Me, in spite of all the miraculous signs I have performed among them?'"

The Lord was deeply grieved with His people, who had seen His glory and His signs in Egypt and in the wilderness, but who had nevertheless rebelled 10 times against Him. When He told Moses of His intention to wipe out Israel and to rebuild the nation through Moses, Moses tried to persuade the Lord to lessen His punishment, employing a very significant rationale: If the Lord destroyed Israel, Egypt and the other nations would think that He was not faithful nor powerful enough to bring them into their land. God’s contemplated judgment awoke in Moses a personal concern for the witness of Israel to other nations. Do our prayers and actions likewise reveal a concern for how all the nations see the Lord?


-Muthuvan people

In the Western Gat Mountains of south India live more than 55 people groups. Among them are the 12,000 Muthuvan people who live near the highest peak. The root of their name means “the back of the body.” Legend says they carried their children and all of their belongings on their backs when they moved to this rugged location from the plains. Today, Muthuvan people still carry their children on their backs.

The Muthuvans live on forest products and a few cultivated crops. Lack of foresight keeps them in constant poverty. They use traditional medicines dispersed by medicine men. They govern themselves by a council of elders, under the leadership of one “kani.” Nearly all the Muthuvan people are Hindu, but they practice animism on a daily basis. They educate their children in single hut classrooms until fourth grade. Beyond this level, the children go to hostels, but they often don’t stay there because they miss the freedom of their homeland to speak their own language and to do things the Muthuvan way. Though their language has similarities to Tamil and Malayalam, the two main languages of this region, there are no written materials in their own tongue.

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Pray for linguists to translate the complete Bible into their language, so it can go forth with power. Pray that God will send believers who can educate the Muthuvans to read God’s Word. Ask God to remind us to pray for the Muthuvan people in India.-AK

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