Daily Topic for September 18, 2007

"I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you My power and that My name might be proclaimed in all the earth."

Whether hard-hearted Pharaoh repented or not, God would get great glory. Like the other nations in the ancient Near East, the Egyptians worshiped a number of “family gods.” It was natural that the Egyptian Pharaoh would regard the God of Israel as just another national god-not as the Creator of the universe and all the people in it. But God wanted all the world to know He was different. Through Pharaoh’s repentance or through the plagues, God would demonstrate His superior power over all national gods so that in all the earth all peoples would know and worship His Name.

Father, give boldness and sensitivity to missionaries who reveal Your power over the “gods” of the unreached peoples.

- Bhojpuri People

Recently the urban-slanted Bollywood movies produced in Mumbai, India have had to deal with a new competitor. Fans are flocking to see Bhojpuri films because they are rural and family based, focusing on relationships and clean, down-to-earth subjects affecting the common man. These movies are transcending borders and giving opportunities for foreign-living Bhojpuri people to reminisce about their rural roots and renew their cultural heritage. Since the late 18th century, these labor-class, family-valuing people have emigrated to every continent of the world, taking their language and culture with them.

While there are 39 million Bhojpuri people, their language can be understood by 500 million Hindi-speakers in India. These movies appeal to other people groups in South Asia and beyond, and they are already having a global influence.

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Pray that eternity-minded Christians will be called to tap this rich source of opportunity to teach of Christ and His goodness through Bhojpuri films. Ask God to cause a revolution in the hearts of the Bhojpuri Hindus, which will spread throughout the world. Pray that as this scattered Bhojpuri community interacts with Christians around the earth, that the Holy Spirit will draw them to salvation in Christ which will spread back to their homeland.-PE

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