Daily Topic for September 16, 2007

Gen. 26:3,4
"I will be with you and I will bless you...and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed."

Once more God repeats His covenant to Abraham’s son, Isaac, and later again to Abraham’s grandson, Jacob. God is so identified with this covenant that the great exclusive name for Him (Jehovah or Yahweh) is understood by some biblical scholars to mean “the covenant-keeping God.” In His covenant, God wanted His people to know both the blessings He planned for them and the responsibilities He expected of them. Unfortunately His people soon forgot their responsibilities and hoarded their blessings.

Father, we do not want to selfishly enjoy our salvation while neglecting the lost sheep whom You also love. Help us to wisely use Your wonderful blessings to bless all the peoples of the world.

-Bania People of India

Chander’s usual serious expression was replaced by a satisfied grin as he came home late one evening. He said to his wife, Ambika, “We set up the new monetary system for several banks, and it’s finally working well.” Ambika glowed with pride for her husband. She replied, “I am proud that what you do in the monetary field touches the entire world.”

Chandra and Ambika are two of the 23,000,000 Bania people of India who are known for their skills as merchants and money-changers. The name of their people actually means “trader” in the ancient Sanskrit language, and they dominate the monetary field in India. Could this be the people group that will set up the world money exchange during this age of globalization?

Hindus with wealth and social stature like the Banias rarely embrace Jesus as their savior. Most of them worship Laksmi and Ganesh, Hindu gods who they believe will bring them wealth.

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Pray that the veil of deception will be lifted from the eyes of the Banias and that they will see that the only true wealth is the spiritual riches gained through salvation by Christ. Pray that Christ’s disciples will be called to work among them and share Christ in a culturally relevant way.-PE

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