Daily Topic for September 15, 2007

Gen. 26:2
"The Lord appeared to Isaac and said, 'Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land where I tell you to live.'"

Remaining in Canaan, Isaac lied to the Gentile king about his wife, just as his father had done. Because Isaac did obey the Lord by staying in Canaan during a severe famine, God greatly blessed him with herds and crops. Yet because his testimony had been damaged, the Philistines became jealous when they saw this stranger growing ever richer in their land, but never telling them why. Eventually, the Philistines became one of Israel’s most feared enemies. What would have happened if either Abraham or Isaac had shared their spiritual and earthly blessings with the Philistines?

Lord, we know that many nations today are angry with Western Christians because of our material and spiritual selfishness. Give us repentant spirits, and open our hearts to the world.

Hindu Gujaratis

The Internet has made it possible to link up lives, conduct business and interact with others around the globe. With computer technology, the over one million Gujaratis outside of India retain their own culture and traditions. They have their own web sites, and even matrimonial services. Their attitude toward literacy and education is very favorable, giving girls as well as boys the opportunity to excel. The status of Gujarati women is generally high. They have considerable freedom to help with family business, engage in various cottage industries, and have an important role in management of household funds. The men, however, retain the upper hand in family decisions.

The Hindus, who constitute 88 percent of the Gujaratis, are divided into castes or social circles, as we saw yesterday among the Patels. Gujarati occupations range from herdsmen to government officials, yet they all marry within their own social group. Only one percent of Gujaratis are Christian. The Bible, gospel radio, and the JESUS Film are all available in the Gujarati language. Eight mission agencies are reaching out to them.

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Pray that these efforts will bear lasting fruit. Ask God to raise up faithful intercessors to plead for the Gujaratis to be set free from false spiritual principalities and powers that have kept them bound for generations.-MH

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