Daily Topic for September 09, 2007

Gen. 10:5
"From these the maritime peoples spread out into their territories by their clans within their nations, each with its own language."

Up to this point in the history of man, God had dealt with the human race as a whole. But man’s rebellion, earlier punished in the flood, now found new expression in the arrogant construction of the tower of Babel. God’s punishment was swift but also redemptive. By dividing the people on earth into many language and family groups (described in chapters 10 and 11), God sought to protect them from a unity of evil intentions. If the world as a whole would not respond to His grace and love, He would woo and win the groups-the families of the earth-one people group at a time.

Lord, thank You for the diversity of the human family. Lead us to love all the distinct peoples that You have formed.


Have you called about an airline reservation or a credit card bill and been surprised to find yourself talking to someone in India? In the last few years many out-sourced jobs have gone to India, and in particular to Karnataka, home to India’s thriving computer industry. It may be that you spoke to a Lingayat, a major people group in Karnataka, numbering 5,747,000 people. Their local language is Kannada, but, as is the case with many other Indian nationals, they speak English, the globalized trade language. Unlike most other Hindu sects, Lingayats believe in a monotheistic world where Shiva, the supreme god, and self, are one and the same.

Southern Baptists have reported remarkable success in reaching the Lingayats with the gospel. Strategy coordinators Marty and Jodi Hunter were not offered much hope of success in 1997 when they accepted the responsibility of taking the gospel to the Lingayats. They say, “People discouraged us, saying the Lingayats were hard-hearted,” but in 2005 they were looking at about 3,000 believers, and they expected in 2006 to have 18,000 followers of Christ and 1,000 house churches.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Praise God for their rapid church growth, and pray that it will continue. Pray that every Lingayat community will hear the gospel message and that leaders will be faithful in discipling new believers.-JS

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