Daily Topic for September 06, 2007

Gen. 4:9
"Am I my brother's keeper?"

The first human to grow from infancy to manhood, Cain, refused to recognize his obligation to assume responsibility for his brother, Abel. Moreover, Cain murdered righteous Abel and then pretended ignorance of the crime. From the beginning of human history, sin has driven a wedge between people, twisting affections and distorting the concerns people should have for one another. In Christ men can be reconciled to God and also to one another; nevertheless, Christians can still retreat into a short-sighted selfishness that pretends ignorance of the plight of needy peoples. We have a responsibility to see that all peoples have the opportunity to know and believe the gospel. Nearly 10,000 groups are still isolated from the Good News. Are we our brothers’ keepers?

God, drive home to us our responsibility of helping others to know and respond to Christ’s offer of salvation.

- Yadava people of Nepal

“Who shall enumerate the whole of the mighty men of the Yadava race, who were tens of ten thousands and hundreds of hundred thousands in number?”-“Vishnu Purana,” (Hindu sacred literature)

Today, the remaining Yadava people are scattered throughout the Indian sub-continent, with many in Nepal. They are frequently classified as “Other Backward Classes” or OBCs by local and provincial governments. The Yadavas were the once-celebrated race, and they claim that the Hindu god-man Krishna was born into their group. According to the legend, they lived pastoral lives, but under Krishna’s leadership, they created an organized kingdom. According to another legend, the Yadava people were descendents of King Yayati’s eldest son, Yadu, who refused to obey his father’s wishes and became a rebel. His father disowned him, thus preventing Yadu from ever inheriting his father’s throne. Most Yadavas follow Hinduism, a religion which centers on the concept of Dharma, generally translated as “fixed decree, law, duty.” A set of laws exists in Hinduism to ensure that the “morally right and just” thing is always done. One must always perform his “proper” duty. Thus, Yadu’s disobedience greatly shamed his father, the king.

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Pray for missionaries to bring the truth to Yadavas and reveal to them that the one and only true King is Jesus Christ. Pray that Christ will show Himself just, merciful and mighty to the Yadava people.-JWS

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