Daily Topic for September 05, 2007

Gen. 3:15
"And I will put enmity between you [the serpent] and the woman...he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel."

Adam and Eve succumbed to Satan’s wiles and sinned against their Creator, but God immediately spoke words of hope and restoration. In Genesis 3:15 He unveils His plan to reestablish His supremacy and to rescue people from Satan’s dominion: to destroy the authority and power of Satan (crushing the serpent’s head) through the sacrificial suffering (bruising the heel) of Eve’s descendant-the Lord Jesus Christ. On Calvary, Jesus brought this plan to victory, but today more than two billion people still do not know that Christ offers deliverance from sin, Satan, and self.

Master, we ask that every one of the earth’s peoples will soon hear this good news in a way they can understand.

Hindu Nepalis of Nepal and India

In February, a stone-throwing mob attacked the motorcade of Nepal’s King Gyanendra as he headed towards a Hindu festival. Traditionally, the king is considered by Nepalis to be an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, so he is both a religious and a political figure. 

Meanwhile, Maoist rebels are fighting to eliminate Nepal’s monarchy. They want a secular government instead. To achieve this goal, they often do horribly cruel acts such as kidnapping children and forcing them to join their rebel forces. They torture and kill those who stand in their way. They control a large percentage of Nepal. In some places, they force each family to send a member to fight for their evil cause. Some Nepalis have fought back.

Is this Hindu kingdom coming apart? Enough Nepalis believe so that about 10 percent of them have fled, according to “Nepali Times.” As they scatter to other parts of the world, the Nepalis are becoming more globalized. Ironically, some have even wound up in Israel, hardly a peaceful place. Though some Nepalis have found Christ during the last 60 years, they are predominantly Hindu.

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Pray that Nepalis, wherever they live, will soon enjoy the marvelous inner peace which only Jesus Christ can give.-MC/KC

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