Daily Topic for September 04, 2007

Gen. 2:15
"Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it."

From the first day of man’s life on earth, he has worked under the demands of stewardship. Man was given certain resources in order to fulfill his responsibility to rule on behalf of his Creator. Like Adam, we are here in God’s world to do God’s work. An important part of that work is to care for His physical creation. But even more important is our responsibility to use God-given resources to further His spiritual work in the world-namely, the proclamation and demonstration of God’s rule among every one of the world’s people groups.

Heavenly Father, we acknowledge that we are stewards. Teach us to use the time, talents, and treasure You have granted us in ways that will bless all the nations.

-Hindu Gurkhas of Nepal

The Gurkhas of Nepal may be the most globalized soldiers the world has ever known. In 1814-15, the poorly-armed and outnumbered Gurkhas repelled a British campaign to expand Nepal into their vast empire. Ever since that time, the British have recruited them as a fighting force for the interests of England. They have fought for England in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nepal, and India. At first they were mercenaries, but now they are fully recognized solders of the British Army.

It wasn’t until 10 years ago that their pay equaled that of other British soldiers. Today they are still fighting; but now it’s for equal retirement funds, which were only 1/10th of that given to retired soldiers from England. This would work for Gurkhas who live in Nepal, but not for those who live in the United Kingdom. As of March of this year, their retirement funds were raised to equal that of other soldiers.

These Hindus have good standing in the caste system, but without Christ, their standing is found wanting in God’s eyes. The gods they worship can do nothing for them.

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Pray that Gurkhas, be they in England, Nepal or elsewhere, will soon follow the victorious and risen Christ.-MC/KC

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