Daily Topic for September 02, 2007

"And the earth was formless and empty, and darkness was over the surface of the deep."

This description of the primeval world is also a vivid illustration of the human situation before God intervenes in the life of an individual or an entire people group. Society and culture become mired in chaos and confusion when the living God is not honored. Only God can transform confusion into order, conflict into harmony, darkness into light. Without a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, most people of the world either merely struggle for survival or become trapped in a meaningless pursuit of “things.” About 10,000 people groups do not know the Savior who can restore them to a joyful relationship with God.

Pray for the Lord to send His light to places that now only know darkness.

Hindu Rajputs of Rajasthan, India

(Continued from yesterday) “Marriages solemnized at St. Thomas’s Church within the Archdeaconry of Bombay in the East Indies in the years 1816 and 1817,” included the names of Gordon Hall and Margaret Lewis. Margaret was a remarkable addition to the missionary community. The mission now had six schools; and by 1820 there were 21. The missionaries also had a press, which was turning out booklets and translations as quickly as they were available. Hall had translated the New Testament into Marathi.

Besides translation, Hall was very busy superintending the press, giving medical care to everyone who sought his help, and overseeing the schools, which were hundreds of miles apart. Margaret was alone much of the time. Their first two little girls died, and when two sons were subsequently born, Gordon decided that Margaret should sail with them to the United States. She had been in Bombay 20 years without a furlough. Within a month of their arrival in the States, their oldest boy died. The news had barely time to reach India before his father, Gordon Hall, passed away while on a journey to help in a cholera epidemic. He was only 42 years old. Yet in the 13 years of his ministry in India, he had blazed a trail which thousands would follow. -AL from “I Cannot Turn Back,” by John Crozier, Bombay 1977.

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Pray that the Lord will use these days of globalization to expand His kingdom to every people.

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