Daily Topic for September 01, 2007

Gen. 1:1
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Genesis is called the book of beginnings. Consider what God created during that exciting week of creation: the infinite heavens, the glorious splendor of light and color, firm land, vast, restless seas, and profuse plant and animal life. Then God breathed life into His crown of creation: man. He was made in God’s own image, to have dominion in His name over all other creatures God had made. The very first verse of the Bible describes the scope of God’s interest and activity-the entire heavens and earth. Likewise, we must remember that God does not value one people group above another. He made us all, and He loves us all. God’s plan is that one day, in Christ, all peoples will be represented in the company of the redeemed.

Let it be, Lord!

Hindu Bengalis in West Bengal, India

In 1806, something happened at Williams College in Massachusetts that would have international significance. It started with five students on a picnic! The discussion about the need for mission work had been so intense that no one noticed how dark the sky had become. Suddenly the heavens opened. The students dashed for the nearest shelter, the overhanging eaves of a haystack. Before the rain had stopped, they had committed their lives to foreign missions. These students were Gordon Hall and his closest friends, Adoniram Judson, Samuel Mills, Samuel Newell, and Samuel Nott. From then on, their days of study were interspersed with meetings of a group called “The Brethren.” All of them were determined to start a mission organization.

The new missionaries sailed in 1812. They reached Calcutta, where the Judsons boarded a ship bound for Mauritius, east of Africa. Since none of the missionaries had permission to work in India, the East India Company, officially in charge, insisted that they leave Calcutta or be jailed. Hall and Nott escaped to Bombay. But even there they were not welcomed. It wasn’t until more than three years later, that the men were finally given permission to remain in India. By then Hall had done some translation, and they had opened two schools. Gordon Hall was also increasingly busy taking care of the sick, first treating patients with leprosy, malaria, cholera, and guinea worm while still in Bombay. (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray for today’s missionaries to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” (Matt. 10:16 KJV)-AL

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