Daily Topic for August 29, 2007

Rev. 19:9
"Then the angel said unto me, 'Write: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb'"

Let us imagine a large evangelical church closing its annual missionary conference with a celebration of worship around the Lord’s table. After distributing the elements to the assembled congregation, the pastor asks, “Have all been served?” “No,” says one member, “Over two thousand tribal groups have not even been invited yet.” “There are three thousand Muslim groups who are not included,” another says. From the balcony a member calls out, “One thousand Hindu groups are not yet represented!” Yet another responds, “Three hundred Chinese nations and eight hundred Buddhist groups have not had their chance either.”

Dear Lord, use us as faithful witnesses to the ends of the earth so that no people will be excluded from the breaking of the bread.

Singhpo People

It all started in 1823. A Scottish trader and explorer, Robert Bruce, was visiting Assam. Bruce was on a mission to see Bessa Gaum, a very important chief of the Singhpo people. Why? Robert knew that if he could befriend this important chief, this might open up a whole new and very lucrative source of some of the world’s best tea. 

Singhpo tea was legendary, and said to rival even that of China. The meeting between Robert Bruce and Bessa Gaum went very well. And, yes indeed, the tea was excellent, just as Bruce hoped. This was a good financial opportunity for Bruce and for the Singhpo people, blessing them for generations to come. 

What does this have to do with the gospel of Jesus? Sometimes God will use a financial opportunity to open the door for Christians to meet those who haven’t heard about the Lord. But today, the Singhpo people are still entirely Tibetan Buddhist, just as they were nearly 200 years ago. Who will introduce them to Jesus?

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Pray that the Singhpo people will be as open to the blessings of Jesus as they have been to the blessings of the tea trade. Pray that God will send someone who appreciates Singhpo culture and is willing to be His ambassador.-CH

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