Daily Topic for August 26, 2007

Rev. 5:9
"And they sang a new song: 'You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because You were slain, and with Your blood You purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation'"

Missionary-author Don Richardson declares that at this point (as well as several others in Revelation) John “raids the Greek dictionary” to find synonyms for “people group.” John wanted to emphasize that no people group is to be left out-all are included in Christ’s provision of salvation. How determined Christ is to win back to Himself some from all the peoples of our earth! He loves them all. They are His by right of creation and by right of redemption.

Dear Jesus, give us a vision for the completed Body of Christ, so that our highest priority will be to plant Your Church among every people and nation on earth.

Turung People in Assam, India

Extinction. We think of wildlife when we hear this word. But there are languages that are threatened with extinction. For example: in the northeastern state of Assam near Myanmar are the Buddhist Turungs, whose language is threatened with extinction. Speaking a Thai-based language, they entered Assam from Myanmar in the early 1800s. Many were enslaved by the Singhpo people whose Tibeto-Burman language the Turung eventually came to speak.

Their world is multiethnic, with a dozen languages using three scripts; even so they are not allowed to marry outside their own people. Most are farmers, although some work as clerks in government agencies and private companies in towns.

As Theravada Buddhists they are outside the Hindu caste system. They have monks and temples. Their faith ties them to their ancestral past and to follow Christ would “disgrace” their ancestors and call in question their loyalty to their culture. Consequently, there are no known Turung Christians, although about 30 per cent have been exposed to the gospel.

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Pray that a common script will be accepted for writing Turung. Pray that translators will live among them and translate the Bible into Turung. Pray that the Holy Spirit will open them to spiritual change.-TP

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