Daily Topic for August 24, 2007

Rev. 3:15
"I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other"

Water from both icy cold springs and hot springs flowed through a large stone aqueduct into the city of Laodicea. Unfortunately, by the time the water had made the long trip into the city, it was usually lukewarm. How disappointing! Christ likewise criticized His church at Laodicea for a tepid vacillation between total commitment to His Lordship and total abandonment to the beliefs and values of the world. If we are to make an all-out offensive to reclaim the final frontiers of the gospel for Jesus Christ, we must be wholeheartedly committed to His purposes, not giving merely lukewarm assent to a “missionary program.”

Oh, Heavenly Father, enflame our hearts to see Christ’s glory demonstrated among all the peoples of the earth!

Kinnaura People of India

The Indian census taker asked the Kinnaura man, “Do you believe in Hinduism?” “Yes,” he replied. He then asked, “Do you practice Buddhism?” Again the man replied, “Yes.” Most Kinnaura see no conflict in mixing the two faiths. In fact, their allegiance to both religions reflects the geographic territory, which forms their border between the Buddhist and Hindu worlds. The Kinnauras live in the very high remote Himalayans in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and are the largest people group in the district named for them. In 2000 they numbered 63,000.

Not only do the Kinnauras blend their belief in and practice of both Hinduism and Buddhism, but they also hold Animistic rituals in an attempt to ward off evil spirits. In the 1981 census figures, it appeared that not a single person believed in Christ; however, a more recent survey indicates that there now are about 100 Kinnaura Christians in the district. Praise God for these new believers! However, this people group is more spiritually deprived from lack of Christian resources than either of the two groups we read about in the last two days.

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Pray that the JESUS Film, Gospel Recordings, and Bible portions will be translated into their language. Pray for a strong church planting movement in this district.-JS

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