Daily Topic for August 23, 2007

Rev. 3:8
"See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut"

The open door is a familiar figure in New Testament writing. It pictures unhindered opportunity for the proclamation of the gospel. Today we often view opportunity in terms of “availability of visas” and absence of official opposition to the gospel. By contrast, generations of missionaries have seen open doors as “people groups without the gospel message” and “messengers willing to risk persecution and even death” to take the Word to them. They saw opportunity in terms of the power available to them through the Holy Spirit, who would guide them in ministry.

Dear God, give us eyes that will focus on the tremendous possibilities for sharing the good news of Christ’s love with the world’s peoples. We commit the “impossibilities” to You.

Tinani People

The Tinani woman bid her husband farewell as he left on his regular journey to trade grain, salt and wool in markets. He was usually quite successful and would be able upon his return to generously support the Buddhist temple in his village. This realization pleased him and made him feel secure in his spiritual standing in the community. 

His wife would not be lonely while he was gone; she might not even miss him since she had taken a second husband. Having two husbands is not unusual among the Tinani women. Since men are gone so much of the year, women often take a second husband.

There are about 24,000 Tinanis in India’s mountainous far northeastern state of Himachal Pradesh. Although they look and seem like other Tibetan peoples, their distinctive language sets them apart as a separate group. Just as with the Ladakhi people for whom we prayed yesterday, Moravian missionaries in the early 20th century also began a mission in the region where the majority of Tinanis live. Some Scripture portions were translated at that time, but have been out of print since 1915. There are Global Recordings and the JESUS Film available to them.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that these resources will soon become widely distributed to the Tinani people, and that they will respond by meeting together in the Name of Jesus. Pray that many will soon forsake all other gods.-JS

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