Daily Topic for August 19, 2007

3 Jn. 5
"Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you"

What a joy to help our friends as they go as missionaries to unreached people groups! Today a wonderful new opportunity has come to help some of the Third World missionaries reach out from their peoples and tribes to penetrate other groups. Will we be as generous with our encouragement and our prayers for these brothers and sisters who are strangers to us as we are to those of our own people group who are bearing the gospel? John commended Gaius for his unselfish ministry. Would he be able to commend us for the same thing?

Father, open our eyes to opportunities for us to minister to missionaries who are strangers to us as well as to those we know well.

Thami People of Nepal

Even women carry heavy slate loads alongside the men! They are poorly paid stone-cutters and slate workers who barely manage to survive. These are the 600 Thami people of Nepal, a people that neighboring groups have taken advantage of for centuries and have kept in poverty. 

But there is good news for these poor people. A worker with a gospel recording message slipped into one Thami village and started to play the recording. When the villagers realized this was a message in their own tongue they asked for more. The missionary went on to share for eight hours, the listeners continuing to ask questions. Finally the missionary had to begin his four-hour walk to a place where he could get a bus back from this village. As he began to walk, a man begged him to come to his village and play the message from God. Yes, there is a definite spiritual hunger among the Thami people!

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Pray for continual spiritual hunger. Ask God to give every Thami village the chance to hear the good news. Pray that many of their leaders will embrace Christ, paving the way for this people group to embrace Him as well. Pray that Christian workers will soon help them to climb out of poverty.-MH

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