Daily Topic for August 18, 2007

1 Jn. 5:21
"Dear children, keep yourselves from idols"

John, the elderly apostle, reveals his pastor’s heart in his epistle. He is concerned with the sin of idolatry because he knows that God created each of us to love and worship Him only. If we do not love Him, we will love something less. Whatever it is that we love in place of God becomes god (an idol) to us. How can we maintain our love and devotion to God? According to Jesus Himself, it is by obeying His commands! One of these commands, often ignored, is to disciple the nations. As we are caught up in this great task, we are less likely to be tempted by things that could become idols to us.

Lord, help us catch the excitement and joy of being totally abandoned to Your will and Your cause. Keep our hearts from idols, we pray.

Lhomi People of Nepal and India

Darjeeling, the famous tea-growing region of northeast India, is home to 1,000 Lhomi people. The majority of Lhomis, however, are found in Nepal, with close to 5,000 inhabiting that country. Most Lhomis claim to follow Tibetan Buddhism, yet their practice has been described as ‘unrefined’ Buddhism. To orthodox Buddhists, the practice of animal sacrifice is abhorrent, yet the Lhomis placate the village deities by animal sacrifices several times each year.

The Lhomis have an awareness of the gospel due to the large Christian presence in Darjeeling, and a few have become followers of Jesus. In recent years 200 to 300 Lhomis in Nepal have received Christ, and these few are now sending evangelists to other tribes in the area. The majority of Lhomis themselves, however, need the help of Christian radio, films and other resources. Since a large percentage of the Lhomis are unable to read, access to the Bible is mostly through narration. An audio version of the New Testament is now being completed. A worker then can carry cassettes to reach even the remote villages where they can be shared among all the people.

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Thank the Lord that He is making a way for the Lhomi people to hear and respond to His Word. Pray that the Holy Spirit will stir up hunger in the hearts of every Lhomi to know the one, true God. Pray for safety and perseverance among those who will soon take the Word of God to the Lhomi people.-MH

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