Daily Topic for August 17, 2007

1 Jn. 5:4
"This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith"

One of the first classes of U.S. Army missiles was given the name “Nike” from the Greek word for “overcomer.” These weapons are swift and powerful in their ability to bring horrifying destruction. The church of Jesus Christ has its own “Nike missile” capable of swiftly and powerfully destroying all evil authority, all opposition to the rule of Jesus Christ. That weapon is our faith, expressed by our confidence in, dependence on and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. We must march forward victoriously in His mighty power to tear down enemy strongholds which have long resisted the good news of the gospel.

Pray that the entire body of Jesus Christ will join together in a massive, all-out attack on the powers of wickedness at work both in people groups with a fellowship and in those nations where the Church has yet to be established.

-Athpare Rai People of Nepal

The Athpare Rai people of Nepal have been known as courageous, daring, and fearless. Their soldiers, many of whom have joined the well-respected Gurkhas, have become world renowned for their bravery in the Nepalese army. Joining the army brings respect and an escape from severe poverty for many.

Typically, the adults are farmers. With a limited knowledge of technology and farming techniques, they usually suffer from a poor harvest. It is the women’s work to plow the fields and the men plant the seeds. Rice is grown in the low-lying areas, while potatoes, maize, wheat, and barley are grown at higher altitudes. 

When a man wants to marry a woman, his family offers her family gifts. If they are accepted, a wedding date is set. A middleman arranges the marriage. This middleman often organizes a mock kidnapping of the bride to be. They often sacrifice a pig or rooster at this time. There is great feasting of meat and drinks, often lasting all night. 

The majority of the 1,500 Athpare Rais are Hindu, but there are a number of Buddhists among them, as well as animal worshippers. Their religious customs are primarily evident during celebrations such as marriage, birth, and death. The Nepalese government has been seriously opposed to “proselytizing,” and many Christians have served long prison sentences for evangelizing. There is no JESUS Film or Bible available in their language.

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Pray for workers to enter the Athpare Rai harvest, and for Christian materials in their language.-JR

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