Daily Topic for August 14, 2007

2 Pet. 1:12
"So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you now have"

Do you have a friend who constantly reminds you of things you already know? Do you find it difficult to respond graciously? Deep inside we, like Peter, all know that we often need reminders of truths we’ve heard before. For example, we know that God is concerned for the salvation of people from every nation (people group) in the world, but we need to be reminded of this priority each day. That is the purpose of the Frontier Fellowship. Many need to pray for the unreached peoples of the world. Do you encourage your friends to pray with you for these peoples?

Dear Lord, how easy it is to be caught up in our own affairs. Forgive us, and open our eyes to see the world as You do.

Yakha People

As their fathers and grandfathers before them, Yakha men plow their fields of nearly depleted soil. The women sow the seeds. Men, women, children, and even neighbors help reap the meager harvest. They number about 26,000 people in 600 villages throughout the mountains of eastern Nepal. Ninety percent of the Yakha people rely on agriculture, but poor soil and lack of technology limit the productivity of their land.

Traditionally, they believed in Animism, the belief that everything has a spirit. Today, most Yakhas practice either Buddhism or Hinduism, and they observe the holidays of both religions.

To them, Christianity is a “foreign” religion, and they are suspicious of foreign things. They would likely banish any Yakha who chose to follow Christ. The threat of being ostracized from the tribe is a powerful deterrent to accepting the gospel.

Yakha people have deep respect for noble traits such as honesty and kindness. One key to reaching them with the gospel may be for workers to settle among them, and live godly lives full of honesty, kindness and Christ-likeness.

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Pray for followers of Jesus to settle among the Yakha people, and live as His ambassadors. Pray for modern technology and farming methods to increase the harvest of rice for the Yakhas, and pray for a great harvest of souls in the mountains of eastern Nepal.-JWS

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