Daily Topic for August 12, 2007

1 Pet. 2:9
"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood...that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light"

Peter borrows words from the Mosaic covenant (Exodus 19) to describe the believers he addresses in this letter. At Mount Sinai God had identified Israel as “a kingdom of priests.” In other words, Israel was to fulfill a priestly role in bringing men and women from other nations to faith in Yahweh. That same challenge has come to us today. We are royal priests-children of the King with a responsibility to call the peoples of today’s world to be reconciled to the Heavenly King.

Thank You, gracious God, for the high and holy calling that is ours. Use our testimony to reveal Yourself to the nations!

Tsangla People

More than 250,000 Tsangla people are scattered along the rugged eastern ridge of the Himalayan Mountains and in the small Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan. Most Tsanglas are outwardly Tibetan Buddhists. But they also practice Animism, the idea that an unseen world of gods, demons and ancestral spirits control their every day events. A portion of each family’s livestock is raised specifically for sacrifice at religious ceremonies in order to appease the demons so they will stop plaguing the Tsanglas with illnesses. They believe that each village has a “god of the soil,” and each house has a god, tab-lha, they must not offend.

Many rural Tsangla people practice “river burial.” The body of the deceased is cut into numerous pieces and thrown into a rushing river to be washed away. Tibetan neighbors consider this to be the lowest form of burial, only to be used for children and lepers. This practice and the language differences contribute to the strained relationship between the Tsanglas and other Tibetan peoples.

About one percent of the Tsangla people have responded to the gospel, brought in the Bhutanese Tsangla language, via short-wave radio broadcasts and the JESUS Film.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Ask the Lord to send forth laborers into Bhutan to support the Tsanglas who have embraced Christianity. Pray that the radio broadcasts and the JESUS Film will penetrate the hearts of these precious people.-JW

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