Daily Topic for August 11, 2007

1 Pet. 1:11
"The Spirit of Christ in them...predicted the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow"

An important principle often observed in God’s Word is the relationship between suffering and glory; the two appear to be inseparable. Peter’s first epistle highlights this theme, and Paul elsewhere speaks of our “light, momentary affliction producing an eternal weight of glory.” We want to help disciple all the nations. But we must understand that this will come only as many are willing to sacrifice and suffer. Frontier missionaries must go to new fields, and zealous laymen must send, pray and give of their funds. Oh the glory, when we see new believers joining the company of the redeemed!

Father, lead us through suffering into wonderful glory.

Ole People

The Ole villagers walked up the forest trail, past shadows cast by tall trees. The blue sky and puffy white clouds made a beautiful background for the dazzlingly green trees. But these people had no time to admire God’s beauty; they had other things on their minds. Reaching the top of the mountain, they bowed in worship to the mountain god. Unlike most other people groups living in Bhutan, the Oles worship at a sacred mountain. They have never heard of the God who created the mountains and the sky, along with everything that has life. 

The Oles are different from any people group living in Bhutan. Though their religion contains elements of Buddhism, it is vastly different from that of their neighbors. The Oles combine Buddhism and Shamanism in a way not practiced by any other people group. Their language also bears no resemblance to any other known language. The Ole language is so complex that even skilled linguists struggle to learn it.

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Ask God for skilled linguists who will learn the Ole language so they may teach missionaries wishing to reach out to this people group. Pray that when the Oles view the beauty of their homeland, that they will give glory and worship to the True God of Heaven.-WK

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