Daily Topic for August 10, 2007

James 5:16b
"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective"

Prayer is an essential part of God’s plan to accomplish His will on earth. We cannot always understand just why and how prayer works. But Scripture assures us that prayer is necessary both to us and to the accomplishment of God’s work in the world. Powerful, effective prayer has a goal (the revealed will of God) and a promise (the assurance of God). When we pray in God’s will according to God’s promises, then our prayer is powerful and effective. We must remember that part of God’s will is that we “make disciples of all nations.” He has promised to be with us to the end of the age as we pursue this objective.

Dear Father, teach us how to effectively intercede for the peoples of the world, who long to know Your truth.

Brokpa People

The Brokpa farmers living in the mountains of Bhutan saw the pouring rain from the windows of their village huts and thought themselves cursed. It always rained in the Brokpa homeland, and some felt a spirit was angry with them for some unknown sin they had committed. 

The Brokpas worship many spirits. Because of the rain, Brokpa men wear special five-pointed hats that drain water away from their bodies. Because of the wet climate, ill health is common among the Brokpas and this people group relies on shamans to heal them.

During the days of Noah, God used rain to judge mankind for sin. The Brokpas do not realize that the next judgment will be by fire. Like many people groups in Bhutan, they don’t realize that their only escape from this coming judgment is through the saving work of Jesus Christ. Few Brokpa people have any relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Pray that God will raise up medical missionaries to help with their health and spiritual problems. Ask God to also speed the construction of roads into the Brokpa homeland. One reason why this people group is still unreached is because they are almost impossible to get to due to the lack of roads.-WK

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