Daily Topic for August 08, 2007

James 2:9
"But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers"

Favoritism is an ugly word and an uglier practice. Do we who know Christ as Lord find ourselves in a position similar to that of Israel in Old Testament times? Knowing they were God’s favored people, they seemed also to believe they were God’s favorite people. For that reason, they felt little or no responsibility to share the blessings of Yahweh with other nations. If we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our friends and neighbors only, we practice the most serious kind of favoritism-withholding the knowledge of God from those who have never heard.

Dear Father, we want to fulfill our responsibility to all peoples around the world. Teach us to share the gospel as well as our goods.

Mru People

The eyes of the tormenters narrowed as they silently slipped their raft towards one of the few Christian Mru villages in Myanmar. Dispatched by jealous Buddhist monks, they meant to harm these Christians with the chains and clubs they carried. As they neared their destination, a heavy fog engulfed them causing them to slam into an unseen barge, sinking the raft and drowning many of the persecutors.

Another group of thugs was dispatched to neighboring Christian villages, but as they went through a mountain pass to reach the villages, a bolt of lightning from a sudden thunderstorm killed them all instantly. Another lightning bolt hit the offending Buddhist temple and burned it to the ground. The Holy Spirit swept through the area like a mighty wind transforming people by the demonstration of the power of God for all to see. Everyone knew that the Christians had been protected in this 1997 incident, according to “Peoples of the Buddhist World.”

The Mru people, who live in Myanmar, Bangladesh and India, are about seven percent Christian. Though they know of a supreme being, most are still in bondage to a collection of Animistic and Buddhist spirits.

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Pray also that the Christian Mrus will reach out to all other Mru villages in a way that people can clearly understand. Pray that the Lord will continue to show Himself more powerful than the spirits.-PE

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