Daily Topic for August 04, 2007

Heb. 9:15
"Christ is the mediator of a new covenant, that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance-now that He has died as a ransom to set them free"

The “new covenant” in Jesus’ blood describes a precious relationship for each of us. This relationship reconciles us to God and gives us freedom and forgiveness of sins because of what the Lord Jesus has done for us. God’s desire is that the whole earth would enter into this covenant relationship, and His Word promises us that individuals from every nation eventually will. Unfortunately, many of the earth’s peoples have never been able to respond to God’s offer of such a relationship because they have never heard and seen the good news in an understandable form.

Lord, convict us of the sin of taking our “covenant” relationship for granted. Open our hearts, our hands, our lives to the world’s peoples.

Buddhist Dura People in Nepal

(Continued from yesterday)

At a conference in 1958, Dr. DeVol heard of the tremendous need for a surgeon in Kathmandu, Nepal, where patients trekked over rugged mountains, sometimes traveling 10 or 15 days, in order to reach the hospital, only to find there was no surgeon. 

So Dr. DeVol became the first surgeon in Kathmandu, Nepal, assisted by Frances as his nurse. On loan from their mission to the United Mission to Nepal, they agreed to be subject to the laws of Nepal. But the government also accepted their clearly stated purpose: “To minister to the needs of the people in Nepal in the Name and Spirit of Christ, and make Christ known to them by word and life.” 

After serving 11 years in Nepal, in 1969, Dr. DeVol had to leave for eye surgery, eventually requiring eight distinct operations. Mrs. DeVol, who had always assisted him in the operating theater, by then had had several heart attacks, and the doctors ordered her not to work any more. 

When they returned to the U.S. to retire an Indian official commented, “I have heard that Dr. DeVol is the best doctor in all of India and the fourth best in the world!” But someone else challenged, “Just try to name the three who are better!”

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Pray that the Lord will help us give our best in service to Him.-AL from “On the Cutting Edge,” by Anna E. Nixon, The Barclay Press, 1987.

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