Daily Topic for August 01, 2007

Heb. 7:4
"Just think how great he was: Even the patriarch Abraham gave him a tenth of the plunder!"

After Abraham had returned from defeating four kings and rescuing his nephew Lot, he was met and blessed by Melchizedek, king of Salem and priest of God Most High. (See Genesis 14:17-20. Melchizedek means “king of righteousness;” king of Salem means “king of peace.”) Abraham then returned the blessing by giving Melchizedek a tenth of everything that was taken from battle. The author of Hebrews declares that Jesus, our “king of righteousness” and “king of peace,” is also our eternal priest “in the order of Melchizedek.” Does He merit at least a tenth of all we possess? Jesus gave His all for us; dare we give anything less for Him?

Lord, help us to give You our all!

Buddhist Sherpa People in Nepal

Ezra DeVol and Frances Hodgin met in 1930 at Wesleyan Methodist College in Indiana. It was the time of the Great Depression, so Ezra did odd jobs to help pay expenses. Frances worked in the college kitchen, did housework and clerked at Sears. They started dating in their junior year, and it wasn’t long before they knew they were in love.

Ezra was born in China in 1909. His parents were both medical doctors, and both died while Ezra was still a boy, so he went to live with an aunt and uncle.

Frances was born in Michigan in the same year and month as Ezra. She was very interested in missions, and felt she should be a single missionary. While Ezra knew he wanted to become a doctor, he blocked out the idea of becoming a missionary. But in his new relationship with Frances, he gradually started to think he might be missing God’s best for his life. At a mission conference in 1931, Ezra found himself responding to the challenging messages. Becoming uncomfortable, since he had long ago decided he would not be a missionary, he stayed at home from the last meeting. But he had no peace. Finally, just as the meeting was closing, he went there and surrendered his will to the Lord’s. After completing their training, Ezra as a surgeon, and Frances as a nurse, they were married in 1936.

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Pray for today’s would-be missionaries to clearly hear the Lord’s voice when He calls (Continued tomorrow).-AL

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