Daily Topic for July 27, 2007

Heb. 2:8-9
"In putting everything under Christ, God left nothing that is not subject to Him. Yet at present, we do not see everything subject to Him. But we see Jesus..."

“God left nothing that is not subject to Him (Jesus).” That is the goal, the way things will be, both in our own lives and in the whole world. “Yet at present, we do not see everything subject to Him.” That is the situation now. Our task, then, is to move from the present situation to the goal. Our work is to proclaim the message of Christ so that some from every nation are persuaded to become His disciples and responsible members of His Church. In this way many who are not yet subject to Him will voluntarily bow the knee before the day He returns to reign uncontested.

King Jesus, we bow in adoration! Reign over the nations in power and glory.

Breakthroughs in Mongolia

It was the infirm and the poor who mainly responded to Jesus when he walked on this earth. The same is true today. Just 17 years ago the Mongols were a completely unreached people, but today there are not only believers but there is also a Mongolian School of Frontier Missions, training Mongolian teams to go to the frontier areas and plant churches.

One team sent out a year ago went to the shamanistic Darkhat tribe, but they were told to leave. Not to be thwarted, they prayed, asking God for a strategy to reach the group. The Lord told them to go to the poorest of the poor, and they did - to the poorhouse inhabited by those destitute both physically and spiritually. The place was in shambles, and the people had resisted the officials who told them to clean it up.

The team shared the gospel, and several gave their lives to Christ. The atmosphere changed dramatically. They said, “We’re children of the one true God. We can’t live like this!” After they cleaned up the place, the governor said, “This must be an incredibly powerful God! He did what no one, not even the government could do!”

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Pray that more teams will entrust God for specific strategies for reaching the unreached.-JS

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