Daily Topic for July 21, 2007

2 Timothy 2:3
"Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus."

The military metaphor has fallen on hard times in many parts of the evangelical community. Yet there are many ways in which a committed Christian is like a soldier. Paul speaks here of a Christian enduring hardship like a soldier. Why does a soldier endure hardship? To win! He sees the commander’s cause as the overriding priority of his life, and does whatever is required of him to win the battle. How much hardship are we ready to endure to see Jesus Christ seal His victory over Satan, so that people from every people, tribe, tongue, and nation may recognize Him as Lord?

Lord Jesus, make us good soldiers!

Kazakh (Kar-zark) People of China

“Han Lu, watch out, he has a knife!” The drunken Kazakh youth quickly moved out of range of being stabbed by his attacker when he heard the warning. Han Lu tripped his attacker, took his knife and started beating him. 

China claims that an estimated 1,100,000 Kazakhs live in China, primarily in Xinjiang Province. About 13,000 live in the city of Yining, in Xinjiang, near the border with Kazakhstan. Many other minority peoples live there as well. Kazakh men frequently drink and occasionally fight with other minorities. Alcoholism among Kazakh men has contributed to a high divorce rate, spousal abuse and depression. The children suffer from poverty, lack of education, medical problems, and the domestic troubles of their parents. Unemployment is very high among all people living in Yining with only 43 percent of the population having jobs. 

The majority of Kazakhs are Islamic by cultural identity only and do not practice their religion. Many are involved in occult practices. Yining has only a tiny number of Han Christians with no known Kazakh believers. Without the Lord and His word these people feel hopeless and lost.

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Pray that the Chinese Christians will be able to reach Kazakhs and the other people groups in the strategic city of Yining.-PD

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