Daily Topic for July 20, 2007

2 Tim. 2:2
"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others."

This principle of personal multiplication is the key means of creating a movement. Because of its effectiveness, people have adapted it to everything from guerrilla warfare to political conquest to selling floor wax. Paul intended that church planters should be trained through the principle of personal multiplication. As Paul had trained Timothy to establish new churches, Timothy was to equip others to do the same. What about your vision for reaching the world’s unreached peoples? Have you passed that vision on to others?

Dear Lord, show us how to best share what we’re learning with other believers.

Hui (Whey) People

“In the cities of Lanzhou, Linxia, and Tongkin, you will find that the Huis are very serious about Islam. This is true of all the regions that the Huis occupy in China. They are very resistant to Christians. God has allowed us to receive some good information that has made it easier to talk to our Hui neighbors about Jesus. Prayer and friendship are two things we know are a must in reaching them.” This statement was made by a Chinese believer who was trying to explain to a new member of his house church how to reach the Huis.

Huis are the largest Muslim group in China, numbering almost 8,600,000. Their ancestors migrated to China from the Middle East and Asia between the eighth and the thirteenth centuries. They have continued to live primarily in the north-central provinces of China.

Almost 80 percent of the Huis are Sunni, and the others are divided into four Sufi Muslim groups. They have their own schools, professors, engineers, doctors, scientists, writers, and artists. Hui women have been given considerable freedom. Some are allowed to be imams (Muslim teachers) to other women and have started their own mosques.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God will continue to use many ways to reach the Hui people for Jesus.-PD

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