Daily Topic for July 19, 2007

2 Tim. 1:7
"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline."

What a beautiful description of the inheritance received by God’s people, including those taking the good news of Christ into new cultural groups! “Power, love, and self-discipline.” Those who will establish new churches must know the power of God to overcome both spiritual and cultural barriers of understanding and acceptance. They must share the love which God has for other peoples-peoples different from themselves. They must exercise the control and discipline of God’s Spirit to accomplish difficult work.

Pray that today’s pioneer missionaries will exercise the power, love, and self-discipline of the Holy Spirit in their lives and ministries.

-Bouyei (Boo-yee) People of Xingyi City

Can you imagine a city in southwest China of nearly a million people named “Righteous Revival?” What a thrill to think of such an important gateway city to numerous unreached groups filled with excited Christians eager to share Jesus with all who pass through their city. Unfortunately, the blessing of this wonderful name has not manifested itself yet, as very few of its inhabitants have ever heard the gospel.

Most of Xingyi’s population are Han Chinese, but about 100,000 members of the Bouyei nationality live here as minority citizens. They pay little attention to China’s one-child laws and enjoy larger families. More than one third of their population is under 15 years old and they worship the heavens, the earth, spirits of the mountains and soil, and especially their ancestors.

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Pray that the darkness of their strong religious system would be replaced by the revelation of the One True God. Pray that Christian radio broadcasts would reach them in the Bouyei language, and ask God to send His ambassadors to live with the Bouyeis to minister love and Christ to them. Pray that soon “Righteous Revival” will be the true and prophetic name of Xingyi City, and that a God-centered revival there will affect all of China.-PE

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