Daily Topic for July 07, 2007

2 Thessalonians 3:1
"Finally, brothers, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you."

Paul asked the church at Thessalonica to pray for him and for the rapid spread of the gospel to those to whom it had not yet come. That prayer can be ours today. As the gospel has come to us, so let it be our compelling vision to see it spread quickly to the ends of the earth. Read the above verse again. This time replace the “us” with the name of a missionary who is laboring on some difficult field. Then, pray for him or her.

Dear Father, strengthen Your servants around the globe that Your gospel message will spread rapidly among those who have not heard.

Hakka (Hah-kah) People of Hong Kong and Taipei

We often speak of the Han Chinese as if they were one people. But the Hakkas are a Han people group with their own history, cuisine, language, and rural culture. They are among China’s most ancient peoples. Their name means “guest families” because they migrated into different parts of China. They are also called “sea turtles” because of their migration into East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The Hakkas are a minority Han people in Hong Kong and Taipei. Their culture is becoming marginalized and their language dying as young Hakkas leave village life for the city.

Religiously they are a-religious, thanks to communism and urbanization. Some, however, are Animists and there is renewed interest in Shamanism and Buddhism. Hence Hakka Christians are a minority within a minority. Numbering about 150,000, most Hakkas live outside of Taipei or Hong Kong. Sadly church growth is static; and in Taipei the church is divided and burdened with weak leadership.

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Pray for revival, unity, and biblical leadership in the Hakka Church. Pray that Satan’s efforts to blind the spiritual eyes of the Hakka people will be thwarted. Pray that Hakka youth will open themselves to accepting the lordship of Jesus. Pray that amid a revival of Buddhism and Animism, the Church will boldly offer Jesus as the final answer to every spiritual quest.-TP

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