Daily Topic for June 28, 2007

Colossians 1:5-6
" ...the gospel...has come to you. All over the world this gospel is producing fruit and growing."

What a thrill to know that the gospel continues to bear fruit throughout the world! What a confirmation that the power of the gospel does not lie in human ingenuity! Today one of the greatest forces in spreading the gospel is the wave of Third World missionaries who are crossing cultural barriers to proclaim Christ. Their testimony, added to that of their Western colleagues, is producing fruit in nation after nation.

Pray that Third World missionaries will overcome the difficulties they face in moving out to share Christ with peoples who have never heard the gospel.

Muslim Gayo People of Indonesia

The Apostle Paul was sensitive to the cultures of the cities he visited. Aware of the Athenians’ love of debate and “hearing something new,” he capitalized on their interest in public speaking and argumentation, and preached to them about the God they worshipped as the “Unknown God.” He intrigued them when he said, “What therefore you worship in ignorance, I proclaim to you” (Acts 17:23), and the Bible records that after hearing his discourse, some believed.

The Gayo people of the remote central highlands of Aceh Province on the island of Sumatra need someone to go and “reason” with them. They do not have a written language, but do have a rich oral tradition. According to one anthropologist who has studied the Gayo culture extensively, oral poetic competitions and ritual speaking is commonly used by the Gayo people to mark major village events, and they love public debate.

The Gayos are Muslims, but they incorporate ancestor worship and other folk practices into their religious life. These people need to have a modern day Apostle Paul go and reason with them, proving to them their need for a savior.

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Pray for someone to go to them who appreciates their rich traditions and who can effectively share Christ with them. Pray for them to gladly receive recordings and the JESUS Film in their language.-JS

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