Daily Topic for June 26, 2007

Philippians 4:15
"Not one church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving, except you only."

The terms the apostle uses here- “giving and receiving”-designate the “debit and credit” columns used in a bookkeeping journal. The Philippian church had established an account for Paul in which they both invested funds and made withdrawals. Can you imagine their joy both in providing resources for Paul’s ministry and in receiving the reports of what had been accomplished through their investment? What accounts have you opened for “giving and receiving”?

Pray that God will show you and your church new opportunities for investing and receiving in the realm of eternal affairs.

Muslim Komering People of Indonesia

The man approached the visitor to his village with the customary Komering greeting, “Ku pakas niku,” meaning, “I’m going to kill you.” This greeting characterizes the Komering people who are known for their violence. Not only do outsiders fear them, but one of their own describes his people as “harsh, egotistical, hedonistic, and unwilling to be put down.” They mostly live along the Komering River on Sumatra.

The Komerings have multiple health needs. Most are very poor, mainly farming rice in their marshy lands. These lands and the climate are the perfect environment to cause illnesses. Their houses are often in disrepair, and there are few chances for the children to have a decent education. 

However, their spiritual needs are even greater. Most practice a type of folk Islam that includes worship of ancestors and spirits. The demonic stronghold over the Komering is very powerful. A spirit of fear is upon the Christian community and stops them from sharing the gospel. However, recently the Lord has shown Himself through visions and dreams as well as manifested His power through miracles.

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Pray for God to make Christian radio broadcasting widely available for the Komerings. Pray that satanic influences will be driven out of the Komering homeland.-JS

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