Daily Topic for June 22, 2007

Philippians 1:21
"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."

What a testimony, what an aspiration! The apostle Paul may have been thinking of Jesus’ words, “The Son of Man came ... to minister and to give His life a ransom for many.” In a way, a pioneer missionary gives his life as a ransom for the people to whom he is sent. His ambition is to bring the good news so that people yet in darkness can experience God’s salvation. What is your ambition? What is the surpassing goal of your life? Is it the same as Christ’s, or are you focused on lesser things?

Lord Jesus, give us a new vision of Yourself in all Your beauty and holiness. Fill us with a passion for Your glory in all the earth.

Muslim Lampungese Pubian People of Indonesia

Holding his breath, the Pubian boy slowly and carefully dropped his last shell into the hole of the dentuman lamban game board. “Bing!” The wonderful sound of victory was his. He had won the dentuman lamban game over his Javanese rival! His friends shouted, “You are the king of dentuman!” “You are King over the Javanese!” “Long live the super Pubians!”

Presently an estimated 420,000 Lampung Pubians live in villages scattered throughout the central Lampung region of Sumatra. They deeply resent the Javanese people who were forcibly relocated to their area by the Indonesian government. A council of elders, composed of clan headmen, serves as their ruling body in their judicial court.

Pubians are good farmers and wisely cultivate their land by alternating crops such as rice and peppers. The peppers have provided a good income. The people enjoy the traditional celebration known as “Pepadon” (a harvest of the peppers). Lack of education and vocational skills often make the Pubians feel intimidated and jealous of the migrants who surround them.

Pubians are strict Sunni Muslims. There is no active Christian work among them and no one has made an effort to translate the Bible into their local language.

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Pray that they will soon have the Bible in their language. Pray that God will send caring Christians to introduce the Pubians to the Lord so they will know that true confidence, love, hope, and forgiveness can be found in the teachings of Jesus.-PD

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