Daily Topic for June 17, 2007

Ephesians 4:14
"Then we will no longer be infants."

Paul teaches in this chapter that if the Body of Christ is working properly, one result will be responsible maturity in each congregation. All children have a self-centered viewpoint. Each of us began life focusing on one important individual-ME. Part of our growing to maturity is gaining a perspective of reality, which focuses attention on others. How many of our churches today, however, still struggle with this preoccupation with themselves and with their own kind of people! A healthy spiritual maturity expresses itself in a congregation’s commitment to reach out to others-not just to others like themselves, but to others who have never had an opportunity to hear and obey the gospel.

Lord, lead us into selfless love for the peoples of the earth.

Sunni Muslim Bugis (Buginese) People of Indonesia

Did you know that there is a Bugi man? There are actually 4,500,000 Bugi men and women living on Indonesia’s Sulewesi Island. Indonesian parents would sometimes threaten to give disobedient children to these Bugi traders who are also known to be brave sailors and reckless adventurers. 

In today’s world, adventuresome Buginese men still trade in Australia and some of the other Indonesian islands. Others earn their living by fishing. Their women are expected to weave traditional silk sarongs to provide most of the household income.

In the late 1600s the Bugis converted to Islam, and today almost all of them describe themselves as fervent Sunni Muslims. They celebrate the Islamic feasts and fasts, and pray five times a day. In addition, they also practice traditional ancestor worship and spiritism.

One of the most important cultural values for the Bugis is called “siri” (personal honor). A Bugi person must build, maintain and defend his own “siri.” Islam reinforced this traditional concept in such a way that the typical Bugi sees “siri” as the key to his or her self-identity as a Bugi Muslim.

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Pray that the Buginese people will become more concerned with the “siri” of the Lord than their own “siri.” Pray that the gospel will reach the Bugis and that they will become not just fishermen, but fishers of men, as Jesus’ disciples did. Pray they will become bold ministers of the gospel as they travel.-JWS

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