Daily Topic for June 11, 2007

Galatians 4:7,8
"So you are no longer a slave, but a son.... Formerly, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature are not gods."

Many argue against the missionary enterprise today by pointing out the “disruption” caused by “changing the religion” of other people. Paul rightly argued that bringing the good news of the gospel liberates men and women from cruel slavery to “gods which are not gods.” Modern Christians often do not realize the torturing fear of spirits that many peoples feel. Only Christ can deliver them from this fear. Only He can set them free to worship and serve the living and true God.

O Lord, help us to see the people groups of this world with your eyes!

-Jambi Malay People of Sumatra, Indonesia

Deep in the jungles of Sumatra Island, Jambi fishermen cast their nets into the fast flowing rivers that dominate their homeland. Fish flop into their nets after the fishermen catch them, and the boats row toward villages along the riverbanks. These fishermen don’t realize that there is a contest for their souls. Another fisherman is casting His net for their souls, and His Name is the Holy Spirit. 

The Jambi people live in the mountain valleys of Sumatra where fast flowing rivers teem with fish. Swamps isolate these people from other parts of Sumatra and from outsiders who wish to bring the gospel to this people group. Monsoon storms also isolate the Jambis from outsiders for part of the year. The unfavorable climate has hindered efforts to reach this people group for the Lord. Disease and high transportation costs had cut short several previous attempts to take the gospel to the Jambis.

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Pray that God will soon raise up a new generation of missionaries to reach out to the Jambi Malays with the message of salvation. Ask God to protect them from disease. Pray that the Bible will be translated into the Jambi dialect. Then will the Fisher of Men have a good catch among this people group.-WK

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