Daily Topic for June 09, 2007

Galatians 2:6
"God does not judge by external appearance."

The major problem confronting the Galatian church was the teaching that Gentile believers needed to express their faith in Jesus Christ through Jewish cultural and religious practices. The church in Jerusalem had struggled with this issue for many years. But there were still sincere, well-meaning believers who had not yet understood God’s intention to bring all the peoples of the world to Himself on the same basis: the obedience of faith.

Praise God for His beautiful salvation, based on simple faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God that this redemption is available to all the world’s peoples without respect to their ethnic or cultural heritage.

Sunni Muslim Brunei Malay People in Brunei

Years ago slave traders hunted down the Malay of Brunei and sold them as slaves in far away lands. The sight of ships often sent people running in terror into the jungle. The slave trade ended years ago, and this people group no longer fears the sight of strange ships sailing along the coasts of their island homeland.

Brunei is an Islamic kingdom on the north coast of Borneo. The sultan is an absolute ruler and Islam is the national religion. Devotion to Islam among this country’s citizens varies from fanatical to nominal. Brunei has an anti-conversion law that outlaws Christian outreach to the Malays or any other Muslim people group in that country. But Brunei does have contact with traditionally Christian countries. The booming oil industry draws technicians from all over the world. Could there be Christians among them that could tell them about the Lord?

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Pray for God to raise up tentmaker missionaries to serve among the Muslim Malays of Brunei. Ask God to repeal the laws that forbid open evangelism in this country. Pray that God would open the spiritual eyes of Brunei’s royal family and clan leaders so that they may see that salvation comes from Jesus Christ and not from the teachings of Mohammed.-WK

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