Daily Topic for May 31, 2007

Romans 16:27
"To the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen."

So we come to the end of the book of Romans, a book in which God’s concern for all nations can be read on virtually every page. There is no more appropriate way to end this study than the way Paul ends the book: giving glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. We need to remember why we are concerned about taking the gospel to the nations: in order to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. All heaven will echo with the praises of people from “every tribe, tongue, and nation.” That is why we learn, pray and give every day on behalf of the unreached peoples!

Give glory to Jesus Christ!

Sunni Muslim Turks in Canada

Why are Turks migrating to Canada in large numbers? From 1945 to 1960, the Turkish government financially supported student education abroad. Turkish engineers and doctors from that period still influence the Turkish-Canadian community. In later years, education and economic opportunities, as well as escape from political unrest, have brought both skilled and unskilled workers from Turkey to Canada. Most have migrated to Montreal and Toronto, although other large cities now have Turkish communities. Because of a strong commitment to hospitality, Turkish host families welcome immigrants as members of their extended family. They support immigrants financially and emotionally, even helping bachelors find Turkish brides.

Sunni Muslim Turkish immigrants bring with them a commitment to worship at a mosque and celebrate Muslim festivals. Mosques are becoming more common in Canada’s large cities. The mosque often becomes an educational center as well as a familiar place within an unfamiliar environment. Hopefully, Canadian Christians will reach out to Turkish immigrants through hospitality and English courses. Let us uphold them in prayer.

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Pray for Christians to study the Turkish language and culture and present the gospel in a culturally relevant way to Turkish immigrants. Pray for love and patience as Christians make a long-term commitment to minister to Turkish Muslims who need Jesus Christ.-AK

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