Daily Topic for May 30, 2007

Romans 16:20
"The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet."

Missionaries and Christian tourists often report that they have a deep sense of heaviness and oppression when they visit certain countries or regions. And they sense a real uplift in their spirits when they leave those areas. It is no coincidence that such areas are often those that have very, very few Christians-if any-and are generally considered “closed” to the gospel. But we can have the same assurance that Paul expressed in his letter to the Christians in Rome. We can be confident that God will crush Satan under the beautiful feet of those who bring the good news to peoples in bondage.

Pray for frontier missionaries who are directly challenging the dominion of the evil one!

Buddhist Thai in Canada

In Thailand it is often said that “to be Thai is to be Buddhist.” Over 90 per cent of people in Thailand profess to be Theravada Buddhists. This religious homogeneity has created a strong tie between religious identity and ethnic identity.

Canada’s Thai community is small, about 4-5,000 people concentrated mostly in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. However, its members retain many elements of their ethnic identity, such as religious and cultural traditions and celebrations. 

Theravada Buddhism provides behavioral guidelines through its five precepts for living. Though the Thai seldom follow Buddhist laws very well, they are expected to refrain from these activities: taking life, stealing, illicit sexual activity, lying, and ingesting inebriating substances. Thai Buddhists gain favor by giving gifts of food and money to the Buddhist temple, and by having their grown sons ordained as monks.

There are three times as many Thai women as Thai men in Canada. Most Thais are professionals, students, or wives of Canadian men. Almost all of them have put their trust in the Buddhist religion rather than the Rock.

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Pray that Christians in Canada will reach out to the Thai immigrants, helping them to get settled, and to help them find a way to retain their culture while putting their trust in Jesus.-JWS

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