Daily Topic for May 28, 2007

Rom 15:21,Is 52:15
"...but as it is written: 'To whom He was not announced, they shall see; and those who have not heard shall understand.'"

Neither Isaiah nor the disciples had any idea how far the fame and glory of Christ would go at the time this was written. A few short years before Paul quoted this verse, the idea of sharing the gospel with a Roman soldier was very strange to Peter. Could any of them even imagine what we are now seeing in the world? It once seemed unthinkable to all of us that people would come to the Lord in places like the Punjab, Mongolia and Nepal. Where will the Lord move next? He might just be waiting for you to pray before He moves His almighty hand in one of the world’s darkest places!

As you pray next month, pray as if He is waiting for you to intercede for the unreached.

Muslim Bengalis in Canada

There was an ominous silence as the Bengali couple sat at their dinner table in a modest house in Toronto, Canada. The couple worried about their teenage children. Was their son taking drugs? Was their daughter sleeping with boys? Neither of their children were with them at the evening meal, and all they could do was wonder. Most Canadian Bengalis are Muslims and the couple didn’t understand why Islam couldn’t keep their kids morally pure in this Christian land.

The first Bengalis came to Canada in 1971, fleeing the abuse they suffered from the Pakistani Army during their war for independence from Pakistan. The Pakistani Army killed or tortured those they believed to be members of political parties seeking independence. Later Bengali immigrants came to Canada seeking jobs or to flee the floods that often ravaged the newly independent Bangladesh. Since 1971 a new generation of Bengalis has been born in Canada, one that questions the traditional values of their parents.

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Pray that the Bengalis of Canada will come to know that only the transforming power of Jesus, and not the rules of the Koran, can insure moral purity. Ask God to raise up faithful workers to reach out to them with God’s love and the message of salvation.-WK

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