Daily Topic for May 24, 2007

Romans 12:4
"Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function..."

Many people describe missionaries as the legs in the body of Christ. They do the stepping out; without legs, the body would go nowhere, stagnated and growing fat. But the legs would be nothing without the rest of the body. The head, of course, is Christ. Congregations can be seen as the trunk, to provide vital support functions for the legs. The legs cannot be strong unless the trunk is strong as well. Rejoice today that even though you may never be able to be Christ’s legs by becoming a missionary, you can be a vital part of the missionary enterprise through your financial and prayer support.

Teach me, Father, how I can make the trunk more healthy!

Hindu Nepalis in the United States

Fingers fly, and chatter fills Nepali blogs and chat rooms in the U.S. “Did you hear that people in the U.S. are talking about a gang fight of Nepali youth?” “Did you hear that Nepali students were killed in a car accident?” Back in Nepal, some newspapers have even published Internet conversations as articles. “Are Our Children Safe in America?” they ask in the form of a headline, after reading what their youths are saying from computers in North America.

The Nepali Diaspora began in the late 80s and early 90s, partly as an effort to escape Maoist attacks. Parents are also eager to see their children’s education completed in America, and these U.S. educated Nepalis are now reaching out to help protect their country from the Maoists. They are using blogs and chat rooms to spread the word and raise funds for their country’s struggle against the Maoists.

Though there have been many Nepalis who have found Christ during the last 30 years, the vast majority remain Hindu. Who will reach out to them?

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that the same effective methods used to discuss other topics might be used by Nepali Christians to lead these precious creations of the Most High God to Himself. May Christ be lifted up on the Internet, in their home publications, and in everyday conversation, so that the harvest among Nepalis will include those who live in North America.-PE

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