Daily Topic for May 16, 2007

Romans 8:25
"But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently."

We hope for the glory to be revealed to us in eternity, and we wait for it patiently. We must persevere and go on, believing that it will happen. We must also believe that there will be a Church for those peoples who don’t yet have one in their cultural sphere. Can we persevere and eagerly work until every Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Animistic, and Hindu people group has a church community of its own? Some well-meaning Christians-even some deeply involved in missions-have expressed doubts about our ability to cross the political and cultural frontiers separating the unreached peoples from the gospel.

Pray for more missionaries and leaders who will hope for what we do not yet have-a Church for every people!

Muslim Kurds in the United States

The Kurds are a people without a homeland. Their homeland straddles Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. The latter country has tried to keep them from using their own Kurmanji language. 

Many of these Sunni Muslims have fled to places like the United States. There are Kurdish communities in San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, and Memphis, just to name a few. Their children never faced poison gas attacks as their parents once did in Iraq. They are not being forced to assimilate as their cousins are in Turkey. But in order to thrive in the U.S., Kurds must learn English. To most of them, their Kurmanji language may seem irrelevant.

But there are some Kurdish immigrants in the U.S. who fear that their language is in danger of extinction. The Kurdish National Congress represents Kurds in North America who want the younger generation to remember their language and culture. 

These Kurds have a sense of identity based on language, culture and religion. Will the younger Kurds be willing to retain their culture, and embrace the Christ who was forbidden to them in the Middle East?

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Pray that Kurds in America will use their language, dance and music to express their love for the precious Lord.-MC/KC

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